Can You Beat the Time of These Celebrity Triathletes?


Can You Beat the Time of These Celebrity Triathletes?

Triathlons are no joke. It involves a rigorous course of swimming, cycling, and running all in one race — a true test of endurance and strength!

People, from professional athletes to regular sports enthusiasts, take on the challenge to see if they can manage to finish the triathlon; and these include celebrities.

That’s right: even the people we see on TV take part in triathlons. Those action films/shows (if they are in one) rightfully suit them because they are legitimately physically fit. What makes it more impressive is that they have the time to train and finish races strong despite their busy schedule with their careers.

We compiled the best times of 8 celebrity triathletes from their previous triathlons. Do you think you could beat them?


Kim Atienza – Ironman 70.3 2016

Swimming: 00:41:21
Cycling: 02:58:06
Running: 02:04:16
Total: 05:53:13

Matteo Guidicelli – Ironman 70.3 2013

Swimming: 00:36:04
Cycling: 02:45:34
Running: 01:54:13
Total: 05:21:54

Pia Cayetano – Ironman 70.3 2013

Swimming: 00:44:13
Cycling: 03:00:16
Running: 02:13:00
Total: 06:04:21

Drew Arellano – Ironman 70.3 2013

Swimming: 00:34:25
Cycling: 02:36:10
Running: 01:40:54
Total: 04:57:20

Erwan Heussaff – Ironman 70.3 2013

Swimming: 00:31:05
Cycling: 02:49:02
Running: 01:46:48
Total: 05:12:37

Bubbles Paraiso – Ironman 70.3 2017

Swimming: 00:49:12
Cycling: 03:22:55
Running: 02:36:44
Total: 06:56:55

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Iya Villania – Tri United Standard 1 2015

Swimming: 00:33:28
Cycling: 01:17:45
Running: 00:59:04
Total: 02:50:17

Photo by: RaceDay

Gerald Anderson – Tri United Standard 2017

Swimming: 00:34:28
Cycling: 01:12:41
Running: 00:57:34
Total: 02:52:02

If you’re ready enough to join a triathlon, who knows — you might even bump into these celebs!


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