12 Tips to Make you Fall in Love with Running Again


12 Tips to Make you Fall in Love with Running Again

Just like any relationship, you and running will have its ups and downs. You will feel the burnout after running for a while, find another sport or hobby to learn, or will just feel bored.

If you feel like you’re in a running rut, here are some tips to bring the lovin’ feeling back:

1. Set a goal

Even if it’s just as simple as “I will not walk during my 3K run,” creating goals gives us a sense of accomplishment. We’ve heard of runners who would count telephone/electric poles along a route and would push themselves to get past one more pole.


2. Go Gadget-Free

Try running without the fancy heart rate monitors or GPS watches for a change – trying to keep up a certain pace can put a lot of pressure on you and zap the joy out of running. Just go at your own pace and have fun!

3. Find a Buddy

Join a running club to meet training partners or ask a friend you haven’t seen in a while to join you on your next running sesh – catching up will make time fly by. Buddies are also there to cheer you on and share your ups and downs – be it in running or in real life.

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4. Shop!

Sometimes, all it takes is a new set of cute running outfits or a new pair of running shoes to inspire you to hit the road again.

5. Try Trail Running

If you’re tired of concrete and asphalt-paved roads, now’s the time to get into trail running – we promise you that it’s anything but boring.

6. Change your Schedule, or your Route

If you’re used to running after work, why not shake things up and run as the sun rises? You can also go on short road trips on weekends and explore a new running route away from the places you usually frequent.

7. Reward Yourself with a Happy Ending

End a run with a happy ending, whether it’s a yummy fruit shake or a cold bottle of beer. Running’s always better when you have something to look forward to.

8. Go on a sound trip

Beat the running blues by updating your music playlist. Some runners turn it into a mind game, too: they don’t stop to rest until their playlist has ended. Mix it up with stand-up comedy recordings and audio books so you have a variety of things to listen to, depending on your mood.

9. Support a Cause

If you’re looking for a stronger motivation to run, then do it for a cause. There are runs that raise funds for environmental groups and humanitarian institutions, among others. Pick one that’s closest to your heart.

10. Make it a part of your day

Even if it’s just 30 minutes a day, making running a part of your routine can give it a bigger purpose in your life.

11. Sign Up for a Race

Register and actually pay the race fee! This will make it harder for you to skip training days. Racing with others can be very inspiring – the energy is incredibly infectious. From color runs and costume runs to guerilla races spiced up with obstacle courses and the standard marathons, there are so many events to choose from!

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12. Track your Progress

Keep track of your running sessions – and celebrate milestones such as a longer distance conquered or a new PR. These are reasons to keep you going!


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