5 Habits of Mamaw Runners You Can Apply on Your Next Race


What Does It Take To Be A Mamaw

5 Habits of Mamaw Runners You Can Apply on Your Next Race

What makes mamaw runners different from you and me? Through consistent practice, they’ve developed habits that have made them smarter and stronger runners. Here are 5 of them.

1. Mabilis Sila Mag-Move On.

All of us have a bad race where we felt that we didn’t do our best. Mamaw runners don’t dwell on their bad performances and focus their attention and energy on preparing for their next race.

However, moving on quickly doesn’t mean they don’t evaluate their races. They review and analyze factors that they could improve on and apply the lessons they’ve learned in succeeding training sessions.

2. They Stay Away From Negative Vibes.

Mamaw runners stay away from “Negastars,” or people who say that running is hard and that they couldn’t surpass their current PRs. They surround themselves with positive and encouraging mentors and fellow runners who are passionate about the sport as they are.


3. They focus on Things they can Control – and let go of things they can’t.

Mamaw runners concentrate on tapering properly, eating the right food, staying hydrated, and making sure that they have all the right gear for a race. They know that worrying about the “what ifs” (What if it gets too hot? What if I get sick? What if there’s an emergency? What if I don’t meet the cut-off?) will just lead to unnecessary stress.

4. They only Compete with Themselves.

Mamaw runners are not concerned with what other runners are doing. They set realistic goals, stick to their training plan, push the limits of their bodies, and aim to be the best runners they can be.

5. They Trust their Training.

Mamaw runners know that they’ve prepared well for a race; they’ve logged the required mileage and have toughened up their mind and body. There’s no room for self doubt. They believe they’re ready and capable of accomplishing what they’ve set out to do.

Are you ready to be a Mamaw?



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