What’s an “A” Race and Why It’s a Game-Changer for Your Running Goals

Find out how choosing an 'A' race can help streamline your training schedule, keep you motivated, and ensure you're in top form on race day.


Ever wondered why some races seem to get all the hype and preparation from fellow runners? Well, that’s what we call an “A” race. It’s the big event that you circle on your calendar, pour your heart and training into, and set your sights on achieving your personal best. Let’s dive into what makes an “A” race so special and why it might just be what you need to rev up your running game.

What is an “A” Race?

An “A” race is your main event—the race you’re most excited about in your running season. Whether it’s beating your personal best at the next marathon or tackling your first ultra-trail race in the provinces, your “A” race is where you want to be at your absolute best. It’s all about reaching peak performance when it matters most to you.

Why Focus on an “A” Race?

  1. Boosts Your Motivation: Having that one big race to look forward to can keep your training on track. It’s easier to lace up for early morning runs when you have a clear goal in mind.
  2. Helps You Peak at the Right Time: With a targeted “A” race, you can plan your training cycles to gradually build up your endurance, speed, and strength, so you’re in top form on race day.
  3. Makes Planning Simpler: Knowing your main race lets you organize your season better—scheduling smaller, preparatory races and ensuring you have enough recovery time.
  4. Sharpens Your Mental Game: Preparing for your “A” race isn’t just about physical training. It’s also about getting mentally ready to face the challenge, which can make a huge difference in your performance.
  5. Focuses Your Resources: You can gear up specifically for the conditions you’ll face—be it investing in the right running shoes or planning nutrition strategies that suit the race day weather and terrain.

Choosing and Rocking Your “A” Race

  1. Align With Your Goals: Pick a race that excites you and meets your current fitness goals. Whether it’s finishing, setting a new record, or simply enjoying the race atmosphere, your “A” race should inspire you.
  2. Plan Your Season Around It: Once you’ve chosen your race, layout your training plan. Include smaller races that can serve as benchmarks to gauge your fitness or practice race day strategies.
  3. Customize Your Training: Tailor your workouts to match the race conditions. If it’s a hilly course, include more hill runs. If it’s a long-distance race, up your mileage gradually.
  4. Get Your Mind in the Game: Practice visualization and positive thinking as part of your training. Imagine crossing that finish line and how amazing it will feel.
  5. Sort Out the Details: Make sure you know all the logistics for race day. Plan how you’ll get there, what you’ll eat before and during the race, and how you’ll celebrate after!


Your “A” race can be a powerful motivator in your running journey. It gives you a clear target to shoot for and helps structure your training and preparation. So, pick your “A” race, get excited, and start training smart. Remember, every step you take in preparation brings you closer to that start line—and to achieving your fitness dreams. Let’s make those running goals a reality, one stride at a time!


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